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We are interested in all forms of photography, including black & white prints, colour prints, slides, digital technology, and the use of computers to enhance our photo taking experience. We like to participate in national and regional photo competitions (check out our Galleries page), and we try to get out in the field as often as we can. We share our knowledge of cameras, lenses, filters, flashes and accessories, photographic techniques, and computers. We are open to suggestions from members / attendees regarding meeting agendas and field trips. Our members span the range from beginners to experts who make their living from photography. Come on out and give us a try, even if all you have is a simple point and shoot camera.

Society Information

The PG Photo Club exists officially as the "Prince George Photographic Society". This "officalness" offers members transparency and a sort of guarantee about our intent. It also allows us to collect membership fees that we use for hosting events like the ones on our Events page. Regardless, we're just people who like capturing and sharing great images.

Our Constitution and Bylaws

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Membership Information

We have two types of membership available; Family and Individual. Our annual membership fee is a modest $25.00 for an individual and just $45.00 for a family. All memberships (new and renewals received from June 1 to August 31 will be applied to the current year and also the following year (September 1 to August 31).
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Club History

Sandra Hay, a member of the club since 1981 (thats forty years!) put together the history of the club as she recalls it. The list below are the highlights and if you wish to read her whole recollection you can do so here. Thank you Sandra!

Members, former members and anyone else that knows interesting tidbits of information about the Club's history ‐ please Contact Us with what you know.

Club Website

The club would like to thank David Fidler for hosting this website in one form or another from 2002 through to November of 2020. David's contribution to the Prince George Photographic Society was and is greatly appreciated. Thank you David.
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